Welcome home – Spitalfields

Looking at a lamp and ceilings through Georgian windows in Spitalfields, London

I’ve been revisiting old photos again and reprocessing them. And now I’m working in Lightroom I’ve been discovering detail that I couldn’t get when processing photos in Aperture even when moving them to Photoshop to finish them. Lightroom brings out different colours to Aperture. It’s much more subtle. The greens and the reds stand out in these photos. You can see the difference when compared to a previous post.

What caught my eye while wandering round Spitalfields one evening was the welcoming feeling of the lamplight seen from the road. I could imagine putting my key in the door after a night out and feeling glad to be home.

These are the windows of lovely early Georgian houses in Spitalfields. Many of these houses were occupied first by Huguenot silk weavers fleeing persecution in France. They were later the homes of Jewish refugees and immigrants and, more recently, homes to Bangladeshi immigrants. The area has now become gentrified and many of these houses have been restored.

Spitalfields has been inhabited since Roman times when it was outside the walls of the Roman city. I’m sure it will continue to change as more gentrification takes over and then the rich move on. It was ever thus.

Street lamp outside a house in Spitalfields, London

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