The things you see on your way home part 2

You know how it is. You’re wandering home after a party/networking evening where you failed to light up the place, tired – the kind of tired you get after wine and no food – you wander into the station and hear a knocking and hissing sound.

“Great,” you think, “I’m already starting to get a headache and now they’re doing engineering works and the train is probably cancelled and… etc.”

But as you wander towards the platform you are greeted by a sight you never thought you’d see at one of London’s busiest commuter stations – a steam engine. The tiredness miraculously evaporates and you run around like an excited child, snapping photos of a steam train and lots of men covered in soot.

The things I find on my way home, never cease to amaze me.

Young steam train driver looking out of driver's cab window

Stream train on platform 16 at Waterloo Station, enthusiast talking to driver

Steam train pulls out of Waterloo Station, black and white

2 thoughts on “The things you see on your way home part 2

  1. Haha! The introduction to this post made me laugh out loud 😀 I wonder how many commuters believed it to be a thing out of their imagination 🙂 Great shots even though!

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