The colour of night is yellow – in Downtown and Driftwood magazine 

Photography is all about light. For some that’s the golden hour at the end of the day or the blue light of the early morning. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very nice and all that but for me, the most interesting light is man made. I become a two year old when I walk around city streets after dark. I started photographing yellow artificial light in Soho in 2012 with this scene outside a minicab firm.

Cab drivers outside a minicab office in Soho, London, at night
Mini cab office, Soho

These two shots and others are part of a feature of my street photography in the latest issue of Downtown and Driftwood magazine, also available on Kindle.

I’ve taken other shots of yellow light in Soho and Brick Lane.

9 thoughts on “The colour of night is yellow – in Downtown and Driftwood magazine 

  1. I lived in Brick Lane for a short period in 1972, and in Horse & Dolphin Yard in Soho’s Chinatown for 7 years afterwards; so it is good to see your photos

      1. It sure has. In September 1972 there were just three Bangladesh working men’s cafes where there were never any women and you could have the one dish of the day for £1 – no plush restaurants

        1. I think it’s unlikely the Bangladeshi restaurants will be there for much longer – pushed out by high rents now that the area has become very trendy.

          1. Yes – a shame. Maybe it will no longer be the place that new waves of immigrants, from the French Huguenots onwards, leave their marks on

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