Summer nights – Naked

With the warm summer nights, people have been leaving their windows open to let in some cool air. I’ve seen some interesting sights on the way home! If you’re on a bus, you just flash past. When I spotted this scene, I was driving and I had my camera with me. So I turned around and parked up, hoping that they hadn’t closed the curtains in the meantime.

There was another man sitting on the other side of the table, who is obscured by the wall. I took a couple of shots from an angle to get them both in but I preferred this one.

I like the context the other windows give the naked man. And I like the clothes hanging up to dry in the window above.

5 thoughts on “Summer nights – Naked

  1. It’s a brilliant shot! If it was mine I’d trim it to a more vertical format, with just the four windows and maybe the decorative brickwork on the left, but that’s only my opinion – I do sometimes trim obsessively!

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