Stylelife – London Fashion Week

A trip to Somerset House after work yesterday offered up the opportunity to photograph dedicated followers of fashion, style setters, eccentrics and the fashion-curious gathered in one place for London Fashion Week.

The only problem for a street photographer who likes to place people in context with lots of space around them was that there wasn’t much space. With a huge marquee/ temporary building taking up most of the courtyard, most of the action was squeezed into the edges against the balustrades and trying to get a full-length shot of one or two people meant getting lots of extras in shot too!

But I love a challenge. And though I got quite a few shots that would have been great if it weren’t for the person standing right next to them or the person walking into shot, that stray hat, arm, bag… I hope I caught a few decent ones.

Man with red bicycle at London Fashion Week September 2012 at Somerset House
All in red
Fashionistas having a smoking break at Somerset House, London Fashion Week, September 2012
The smokers
A woman holds on to her hat as a gust of wind almost takes it
Hold on to your hats!

A woman in fringed boots and embroidered jacket

Off-duty models at London Fashion Week 2012 at Somerset House
Off-duty models
Women lining up to have their photos taken at London Fashion Week Sept 2012
Lining up
A woman dressed in black stands by stone columns at Somerset House at London Fashion Week, September 2012
Black and stone

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