Soho Windows #5

I really like it when I make eye contact with someone in my street photography. I am trying to capture a scene, an atmosphere, something candid, so I try not to get people’s attention because then they stop what they’re doing or behave differently. But if I can press that shutter just at the moment that they noticed me and before the mask comes down, I feel I’ve captured something special.

I’ve managed it before when taking photos around Soho in March 2013. I’ll add this one to my collection!

2 thoughts on “Soho Windows #5

  1. I like this photo a lot … for one thing I like that I can read the lettering on the window and I love how sharp focus she is … it also helps that she is very pretty.

  2. Would you then seek her permission to use it? I find when I do so, most people are willing. If not I delete the shot, which is sometimes rather sad. Good one, by the way.

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