Slice of London Life – the pop up!

The Emirates Airline cable car at night in London

I like a few sparkly lights. The only good thing about the nights drawing in at this time of year is seeing buildings lit up. It’s as if boring office buildings and grotty tower blocks have been dressed in new clothes which make them suddenly look pretty. And of course there are the Christmas lights to look forward to soon. But they don’t last all winter and are so often commercial. The lights of the buildings are the winter festivities of the city.

This is the new Emirates Airline cable car, London’s newest attraction – except that not many people are going on it post-Olympics.

And so to the title of this post…. the pop up. I shall be hosting a pop-up very soon. Where you can see a less virtual version of Slice of London Life. Watch this space!

8 thoughts on “Slice of London Life – the pop up!

  1. lovely colourful night-shots. l had no idea that the cable car was not being used as much. To be honest, l would want it to be or success. Maybe that was too optimistic. l haven’t even tried it yet,

  2. Love the colors and the lights. Shame about the cars not being used much, but do they have a practical application or just tourist ride? The one we have in NY (between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island) is an important and extensively used mass transit link between the two islands.

    1. Thanks. The cable car across the Thames was opened for the Olympics and linked two venues. It was very popular during the Olympics but since the Olympics the number of passengers has fallen dramatically. I could use it as part of my route to work, but I don’t because it wouldn’t be any quicker and I’d have to pay extra on top of my travelcard. I think that might be the problem – it goes from nowhere to nowhere as far as the everyday life of London is concerned. Maybe it will be popular again in the summer with tourists.

  3. Great images – The first image I didn’t appreciate was London at first, thought you had taken a trip to Canada – the reflected light works well. And the second image, well I thought it was the shuttle bay of the USS Enterprise Both images are scenes I would not have expected to see in London – I must get out more.

    1. Thanks John,
      I find the newer parts of London look nothing like the London we expect – less Victorian and unfortunately more like any other modern city. The saving grace around docklands is that the old cranes are still there and some of the old warehouses and mills, so it still feels like London.

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