Park life – Out of the morning mist

I actually managed to get up early enough at the weekend to catch the early morning sun. Of course it is a lot easier as the days get shorter because you don’t have to get up so early. I find that getting up in the mornings at the weekend is hard enough, never mind going straight out to do some photography.

But my efforts were rewarded with this image. I’m really pleased with it and it is just the encouragement I need to get up and out for more early mornings.

This was taken in Richmond Park. I have plans to visit Hampstead Heath and other London parks and landmarks in the early morning.

9 thoughts on “Park life – Out of the morning mist

    1. Indeed it does. Frosty mornings are beautiful for photography – but they’re also the mornings you really want to stay in bed!

    1. Thanks Marco. I know what you mean about comments. It takes time. But if you feel inspired… 😉

  1. A great capture. Mist does provide excellent opportunities for great photography. Octobe always seems to create these lovely misty mornings. I will try to get out early this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

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