Park life – Into the evening sun on Primrose Hill

The long summer evenings have now gone but one good thing is that I can now jump on the tube after work and start shooting during the golden hour – for a few weeks at least before it starts getting dark even earlier.

Most recently I jumped on the tube to Chalk Farm and walked up to Primrose Hill – a great vantage point to look over London and to take silhouettes of people on top of the hill as the sun sets. The only disappointment is that there is a a great big bin chained to the lamp post on the brow of the hill. Still I suppose it lends some realism to the scene!Woman silhouetted against the setting sun at the top of Primrose Hill in London

Couple with pram, another couple holding hands and a woman on her own, a lampost, semi-silhouetted against the evening sky

You can see prints of some of my photos in my exhibition at First Edition Restaurant, Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, until the end of the month.

4 thoughts on “Park life – Into the evening sun on Primrose Hill

  1. Amazing good timing location on that first shot, and great silhouettes on the other ones. I wouldn’t notice the bins if you hadn’t mentioned them,, and even then they are not distracting to me.

    1. I was lucky with the first shot. I was just framing up to get the shot when he jumped, so I pressed the shutter. Had I known he was about to jump I would probably have gone former of a close up. So perhaps it was best that he just jumped once!

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