Park life – I thought I had gone back to the 1950s

I was photographing Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in May when I spotted lots of men walking through the park dressed in pin-stripe suits, wearing bowler hats and carrying the type of black umbrella that gentlemen use to add a flourish to their gait. Had London suddenly gone back to the 1950s? And where did they all come from? Of course I rushed over to take photos to the bemusement of the suited and booted. It was only later when my friends and I stopped a besuited man that we learned they had been at the 88th Combined Cavalry memorial service and parade at the bandstand in Hyde Park and were making their way to various hotels and restaurants and clubs etc for regimental Sunday lunches which follow the parade.

I wish I had know about it in advance and I could have got some spectacular photos. That’s the trouble with London – there’s so much going on that you miss most of it! Still it’s a nice problem to have and I shall try to get to it next year.

A man wearing a pin-stripe suit and bowler hat rides his bicycle through Hyde Park, London

Two men in bowler hats, one sneezes while on his mobile phone

A group of men in pin stripe suits and bowler hats follow an older man in a crombie and bowler hat through Hyde Park in London

0 thoughts on “Park life – I thought I had gone back to the 1950s

  1. Just thought you’d like to know that the tie most of the men are wearing is the 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards.

  2. My Grandfather’s regiment! But he was a trooper with Baden- Powell’s expiditionary force and he fought at Mafeking. Like the idea of a cavalryman on a bicycle!

    1. Horse… Bicycle… I suppose if you ‘the used to a horse, a bicycle is the next best thing – though you can ride a horse in Hyde Park.
      I didn’t know about the regiment or that they were going to be in Hyde Park: I had gone along to photograph Speakers’ Corner that Sunday.

  3. Just goes to show how wonderfully random life can be. I once went down to Rochester just on a whim, only to discover it was Dickens Weekend!

  4. Definitely a classic ook. I hope that you get good shots next year, and produce them in B/W. I this you’ll off something spectacular.

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