Park life: By the Serpentine in Hyde Park

We have had some beautiful sunny weekends in London recently. As I look out of the window now, it is another beautifully sunny day. We are very grateful for them especially as we know the days of early morning fog and permanently overcast skies are not far off. And when it’s sunny, we get out into the parks and  we will sit outside to eat no matter how many layers of clothing we need to keep warm.

And some people even swim in the open air at this time of the year – in fact all year round, at the Lido in the Serpentine in Hyde Park and in the ponds on Hampstead Heath. I’ve done a couple of photography courses recently, with the wonderful travel photographer, Chris Coe, and the practical part of the day took place in Hyde Park –  a great chance to photograph Park Life:

(PS: the swimmer photo will be exhibited at the inaugural London Photo Festival at The Crypt, Borough High Street, London SE1 next week. The exhibition is open to the public 10am-7pm Fri 28th and Sat 29th October.)

And one in colour from last weekend:

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