Park Life – a winter afternoon in Kew Gardens

I spent Saturday chasing the sun. Yes we did have some. It started peeking through the clouds at about 11.30am. The BBC Weather Forecast on the red button (on the telly) had said there would be sunshine at 9am – nice early morning sun. But it was not to be. Still, at least I didn’t have to leave the house as soon as I got up.

I thought I would combine photography with running some errands – kill two birds with one stone. Big mistake! Thanks to a jobsworth Post Office lady who decided to close early, I spent a lot of the time that the sun was out, on buses backwards and forwards between Kew and Richmond. Still I got my parcels posted. But I missed the sun – or so I thought.

I was supposed to be photographing Kew Village for a new Facebook Community page but as it was cloudy by the time I was back in Kew, I thought I might have more luck at Kew Gardens because at least I could photograph inside the glasshouses and the boring grey sky wouldn’t matter. I took a few outside shots but they were uninspiring – grey-looking glass against grey sky. So fed up with how little I had achieved, I decided to reward myself with a cup of tea and of course, the moment I sat down with my tea, the b*****d sun came out! So I downed my tea and went back out to the Palm House to get some nice shots with sunlight and a hint of a blue sky in them.

The Palm House is a joy to photograph. I just love the shape of it and the structure inside is extraordinarily beautiful too. There were a few people around in the Gardens, not too many, which made it pleasant – unlike a summer Saturday afternoon when it can be heaving – and everyone seemed to be having a thoroughly pleasant and relaxing time. Very peaceful – if you’re not running around trying to get shots before the sun goes again!

And in black and white. You don’t get the full glory of the winter par terre planting but I do like the structure in black and white.

The Palm House from the avenue of oaks behind it. It looks beautiful in summer when the rose garden is in full bloom
And in black and white, it could have been taken any time in the last 100 years?

And now for the staircases – such beautiful ironwork – so here in colour and black and white.

And relaxing by the pond at the front of the Palm House, looking towards the Princess of Wales Conservatory


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  1. Another lovely set of images. I also think that the Palm House structure is incredible. It looks very ‘organic’ and natural; and it is also amazingly modern in design, considering how old it is.

    You have triggered an urge to visit Kew soon. I haven’t been there since I was ‘dragged’ around by my father when I was about ten years old.

    Your black and whites work well; even considering these have mostly green sourroundings. I like that low winter sunshine warm tone on the last image.

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