On the steps

I’ve been trawling through my archive and I found these two shots that I’ve been meaning to post for a good while – a very good while.

I took these them outside Westfield Stratford City (I hate that name – it’s Stratford, plain old Stratford) in the run up to the Olympics in 2012. (I can’t believe it’s almost two years since I took these images.)

In the first is a woman waiting on the steps. The second focuses on a Gamesmaker sitting on the steps eating his dinner.

Olympic security man sitting on steps eating burger

2 thoughts on “On the steps

  1. Nice, I am reminded again why I don’t shoot people, with the looks you are getting from your subjects here 🙂 Not threatening, but the fact that they look at you suspiciously whenever a camera is pointed in their direction…I do like that other people are not so inhibited as I am, though.I also like how you composed the shots with all the tricky lines running in every direction but you make it look right and natural.

    1. Thanks Mike

      I find I get fewer suspicious looks in central London where people are used to tourists taking photos. But when you get out to places like Stratford, people are sometimes openly hostile. I’ve had a few confrontations. After them I usually retreat to the more touristy areas.

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