On the buses

Another take on my ‘London Through a Window’ project. Taking photos thorough bus windows into the buses is surprisingly difficult. During the day, the interiors can be very dark compared to the light outside and so getting an image that doesn’t just look a bit murky is a challenge, and at night the bus windows reflect the lights from outside.

Young woman looking out of a window on a bus

I picked Oxford Street to take these – mainly because it is full of buses and they have to drive very slowly or stop for quite a while so there are a lot of opportunities for photos. The downside is that there are lots of brightly lit shop windows which reflect in the bus windows and obscure the faces of passengers.

Two young women on the upper deck of a bus

But I got three decent shots of interesting people – mostly younger women. In this one, I like the way the light shows up the smudges on the window from where people have leaned on them.

15 thoughts on “On the buses

  1. Amazing how good the light is on these busses! Nice shots, and I’m really starting to worry about cell phones…

    1. I think you should definitely do that as a theme. I used the title because it was the title of a 1970s British Sitcom, so it’s a phrase that anyone over the age of 40 in the UK knows well.

  2. Nice photos. I was just on the #74 bus last night ~ great people-watching! Sadly, I’m back in London for only a few days.

  3. Just lvoe these…I love taking photos at the bus or on trains and stations…so many stories to tell …thanks for visiting my blog, I am truly humbled. Your photos are just great, Oliana

    1. Hi Oliana
      Thank you so much. Those are very humbling words to say about my photos. I also take photos at stations. The architecture can be so imposing and the crowds. Stations are always very atmospheric. Take a look at my commuter photos of Liverpool Street Station.

  4. What I like about these is that catch people unaware … in that first photo, the woman with her hand to her face … what happened in her day, I wonder? and I like the fact that the outside lights are reflected. Adds even more interest

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