Not on your life – breaking the rules

Taken in Columbia Road Market

NO BREATHING????!!!!!! Captured outside Smithfield Market – wholesale meat market

No smoking, no eating, no drinking sign


You want to what? Park your car? In London? Not unless you’re a millionaire mate.

Man receives parking ticket on a London Street

0 thoughts on “Not on your life – breaking the rules

  1. I love that last shot of the pleading driver… ‘ohh please mate.. I was only parked five minutes’

    1. I have been that pleading driver – it doesn’t work. You could have been saving someone’s life and they would still give you a ticket! In fact, in Lambeth the parking attendants ticketed the blood bank van which had parked outside the town hall to pick up blood after a donor session! What the council gives with one hand, they take away with the other!

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