Night life – the time between

Wandering around London with my camera, taking photos through windows, I have found a ‘between time’  when nothing much is happening. It’s the time after offices close, shops and coffee shops start to wind down for the day and restaurants are ready for diners but it’s too early for anyone to eat dinner.

It’s not the case everywhere – people do work late in offices and some shops get busy at this time, particularly with shoppers buying dinner to take home. And on a Friday night, the bars and restaurants fill up much earlier.

But I like the emptiness. I like the feeling of the world in transition from daytime to nighttime.

I took these in February, when it was dark at the ‘between time’ and I could get photos of places lit up. It will be difficult to get these sort of images at this time now that the clocks have gone forward.

Colour photograph looking through open stairs into an empty shop at night in London


Colour photograph of an empty make up shop at night

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