Night life – On the outside looking in

The condensation on the window of a cafe blurs the outline of the two women inside. But it also gives a nice reflection of the windows of the building opposite.

I took two shots of this cafe window. The second shows two other women, one of whom’s face can be seen while the other’s face is obscured by a reflection of a bright light. I like the symmetry of the two tables, the two pairs of women and the way the faces are obscured.

Two pairs of women sit at cafe tables

I don’t know which I prefer. Any thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Night life – On the outside looking in

  1. I like both of them (your night shots are always interesting!) ~ but if I had to choose, I prefer the second one. It has more “going on” and draws my attention.

  2. I love both of these images. If they were mine, though, I think I might crop them so that it was only the window in the frame. I hope you don’t mind that comment, I am trying to be constructive. You have great work on this site, and although I have only just discovered it, I love it already!

  3. Hi Ian,

    Thank you for your comment. I might try that next time. I tend to keep the frame of the window in the shot to create a frame within a frame and to emphasise that feeling of being on the outside. But I’ll give the other way a try and see if it does the same thing.

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