An antidote to winter – the happiest place in London

In this season of short days and long nights; when the Christmas and New Year partying is over; when it’s freezing cold outside, is it possible to find light, fun and happiness without going abroad? My antidote to winter is on a small industrial estate in Walthamstow. I know. I’d rather be in sunnier climes too. Until I walk into God’s Own Junkyard.

It’s better than popping a thousand prozac in one go. As you step into God’s Own Junkyard, you have your senses assailed with a riot of light and colour – a wonderland of neon art and vintage pieces.

Neon signs at God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow, east London

It’s open to the public Friday to Sunday.

Red neon open sign at God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow, east London

And there’s a little café – the Rolling Scone.

People at the God's Own Junkyard cafe

The neon sign-making business is family run. The collection was started by the late Chris Bracey, who began creating the artwork in the 1970s and became the go-to man for the neon signs Soho. He created work for films, advertising campaigns, shops, and individuals. His son Marcus has now taken over the mantel.

Neon sign saying: "Art is never finished only abandoned"

Find out what’s on via the God’s Own Junkyard Facebook page.

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