Man on bus reads book!

I took this photo on the same evening, on almost the same spot as Cafe Window. I often wonder where people on buses are going, what their story is? I’ve been trying for ages to capture the facial expression of someone gazing out of a bus window. But buses move faster than you’d think! Or the ones that stop at the bus stop I’m standing at, don’t have anyone in a crucial seat that’s well lit or they notice me and pull a face or look away, or the shot is just really boring.

But this evening, the doors of a bus opened and gave me the perfect framing for the man sitting with his foot is some sort of cast, reading a book. At last! A decent shot of someone on a bus. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

8 thoughts on “Man on bus reads book!

  1. …and it’s comforting to see someone still reading a book; a real book with pages and a hard cover. It makes a refreshing change from people staring into smart phones.

  2. I like the direction you’re moving in with this.

    “Bus Rider: is one of the themes in my Hammer Home Street Photography Project. It is inspired by the rock song of the same name by The Guess Who, this theme is a more focused extension of another Hammer Home theme β€œIt’s Still a Busy, Busy World”. It is specifically about examining glimpses of life surrounding the Hamilton Street Railway; the long-established public transit division of the Public Works Department and indispensable aspect of daily Hamilton life, the moments in the lives of both employees and passengers:

    I totally agree with you. There is so much street photography potential on public transit, yet it’s too easy to photograph things that don’t make an impact. Getting the right shots really is difficult.

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