Life’s a bitch – Summer in the city

When I woke up yesterday morning, I thought it was March. It was cold and overcast enough. Then the rain started. Okay, so maybe it was April.  And with our magnolia tree starting to bloom again, I don’t know what time of the year it is but it certainly doesn’t feel like summer.

So here’s a little taste of summer in this city on the South Bank which is usually teeming with people on a summer evening. Not yesterday. People couldn’t get home quickly enough.

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  1. I found your Blog through your photostream on flickr (and through London by Londoners in the first place). I haven’t seen much, but what I’ve seen make me want to read and see more. The photos are great. Very interesting that you captured so much rain recently. I kept telling my friends in Germany that London’s summer is quite summery and rain never lasts for long. Have I been living in a different London? ;-))

    1. Hi AnKa

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you want to see and read more. The reason there is are so many photos involving rain is that I find it great for street photography – all those reflections and the way people react to rain. But you’ve challenged me to come up with some photos in the sun 🙂

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