Life’s a bitch – Rainy reflections

A rainy November afternoon on Trafalgar Square. Taken today (8th Nov 2013). Welcome to London, tourists!
Taken with my iPhone.

2 thoughts on “Life’s a bitch – Rainy reflections

  1. Lol! not sure anyone really comes to the UK for the weather 🙂 That said, a couple of my friends from the Middle East always say they enjoy London in the cold and the wet – A welcome change from the heat back home. I can believe it – I know I started to dream of snow after 10 days in the desert…

    1. If you came to London for the weather and expected clear, dry weather you’d be sorely disappointed 😉 But I’ve never heard anyone say that they actually like it! Most people complain about it – I must be talking to the wrong people 😉

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