Life’s a bitch in the rain

I’ve been going through photos that I have taken in the last year and on a second look I have found something that I didn’t see in them before. I often do that. I will dismiss a photo just after I’ve taken it. I think it’s all right but not good and on a second look I see something else in it.

So I will be posting a few on the blog over the next week and I would welcome your comments.

The first one was taken on London Bridge in August. The thing about summer rain is that it can catch you out even when it has been forecast and you’ve lived in Britain all your life and you really should know to carry an umbrella at all times. But somehow we seem to be either ridiculously optimistic about the weather or just deluded. Either way, the rain sometimes comes as a surprise and you have to use whatever is at hand to try to keep at least a little bit dry.

And after your newspaper has got thoroughly sodden and soggy, you can always dump it on top of a post box:

A soggy newspaper on top of a post box

After the rain, there are the puddles. And sometimes the drains can’t cope. But if you have an enormous sink plunger (and that’s not a euphemism!), you might be able to sort it out:

One man leans over to watch another man unblock a drain outside the Royal Festival Hall with a very large sink plunger

One thought on “Life’s a bitch in the rain

  1. Oh man I know EXACTLY how that woman with the newspaper is feeling! One thing I’ve learned since being here…be without umbrella at your peril!!

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