Life in the not so fast lane – The evening commute

So it’s back to lots of photography in the dark. When the clocks go back this weekend coming, I will only be getting daytime shots at the weekends. Well at least I will be getting to practise my lowlight photography skills… a lot.

One of the advantages of photographing a big city is the number of lights around and the fact that people gravitate towards the light so that they can see what they are doing – whether it is reading a newspaper on a platform at Charing Cross Station or checking their phones.

Woman looks at her phone while standing on a platform at night on Charing Cross Station, London

And the light spilling out from the station, as here at Embankment, also gives the opportunity for great silhouette photography, with the added dimension of two women lit by a streetlight they are standing under.

People silhouetted against the entrance to Embankment Underground Station at night

And in London a lot of commuters take advantage of a free Evening Standard to read or flick through on the journey home.

Man hands out the Evening Standard to commuters at a newspaper stand, Embankment Station

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