Life in the fast lane – there’s always one!

Life can move at a very fast pace in London and most Londoners have seen everything which is why no-one in central London bats an eyelid at photographers, film crews, people dressed in funny costumes and even red buses that do press ups.

I’ve been meaning to put up this photo for a while. This big red bus was outside the Czech delegation’s HQ for the Olympics in Islington. Designed by Czech artist, David Cerny, it’s hydraulic arms really did push it up and down and it breathed! I think it was supposed to show us that we all need to exercise. It was something of an attraction during the Olympics – my niece wanted to make a special trip to see it after seeing it on the internet – but as always with London, there were those who just glanced at it and walked on, treating it as just another part of the scenery.

And to prove it really did push up…

A big red bus does push ups outside Czech headquarters in London during Olympics 2012

6 thoughts on “Life in the fast lane – there’s always one!

  1. Hey – thanks for refreshing my memory.

    Having a bit of history with the Czech Republic, during the games I made several visits to the Czech ‘house’ – what fun (the beer was very refreshing as well). The bus was/is a great piece of sculpture, I have had an interest in David Cerny’s work, ever since he painted that tank pink back in 1989.

      1. Hey – I didn’t know about that one.

        I’m thinking about one in Prague which David Cerny painted pink during the ‘Velvet Revolution’. His arrest and trial was one of the events which stuck in my mind and first kindled my interest in the Czech Republic. The tank disappeared once things settled after the revolution so maybe….

        As we are on the subject, was surprised to find a Russian T34 tank parked on a piece of waste land up in Bermondsey the other month, it was sporting urban camouflage (covered in graffiti). As far as I am aware it is still there (if the scrap metal thief’s have not found it that is)

  2. I clearly have to find out more about David Cerny.

    There was a pink tank parked on Acre Lane for years. Occasionally it drove around. I shall have to pay that other tank a visit!

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