Life in the fast lane – Olympic preview

I’ll admit it. I was a cynic about the Olympics. I still am cynical about the legacy for east London. But most of my previous cynicism stemmed from the fact that I didn’t manage to get any tickets – jealousy by another name.

Now with Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France and Chris Froome coming second and Mark Cavendish putting in a respectable performance, I am very excited about the Olympics. Well I am very excited about the men’s cycling road race – because it’s free to watch, you don’t need tickets, I can walk to part of the route to watch it and it’s on next Saturday when I won’t be working. And I might see some exciting action to boot. How about a Mark Cavendish gold, a Bradley Wiggins silver and a Chris Froome bronze? I think I might have to put some money on that.

I can guarantee it will be a great watch because I watched the London Surrey cycle race last year, which was a test event for the Olympics. I’m not a sports photographer, so I doubt my cycling photos will set the world alight, but I did get to do some street photography in between the out leg and the return leg, while people waited for the cyclists to return.

This time around, I’m not sure that people will be hanging about as there are 5 hours between the out and return legs through Richmond Park, (the test event was considerably shorter) but I’m hoping there will be lots of people with stick on Bradley Wiggins sideburns – and I will be photographing them and posting them on this blog.

But as a taster, here are some of the photos I took last year:

Cyclists turn out of Richmond Gate on to Star Lane
Squeezing through Richmond Gate


Cyclists turn out of Richmond Gate on to Star Lane
Squeezing through Richmond Gate


A woman sits and reads and people stand about waiting for cyclists
Finding something to do while waiting for the cyclists to return


A man in cycling gear lies on the grass while a woman looks at him strangely
Watching cycling can be tiring


Cyclists on the return leg of the London Surrey Cycle race
The return leg


A cycling police officer makes a triumphant gesture to the crowd
Everyone’s a comedian



5 thoughts on “Life in the fast lane – Olympic preview

  1. Excellent dive into the Olympics with a great set of images. I really love the old dear in the wheel chair, chap and red setter – lovely shot. I think the cyclists deserve full colour as well, as it is just about the most colourful sport around)

    1. I decided to experiment with the black and white for the cyclists because I hadn’t seen it anywhere else. I will post some from the cycling road race in the next few days and I think these will be in colour

    1. I have a few photos from this year’s cycling road race – it was hard to get good ones because of the sheer number of people. I will put some up this weekend though.

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