Life in the fast lane – Black and white or colour?

I was out again in the dark in London, on my quest to get some Christmassy photos that I could use for Christmas cards to send to the rellies, I was just adjusting the ISO on my camera and I took this scene of Piccadilly in London, near Green Park tube station and looking towards the Ritz hotel. I caught this man doing the hurried commuter lean – where you lean as far forward as you can without falling over so that you can get ahead of the crowd by a fraction of a second. The difference here though is that there is no crowd to get ahead of and I like the way that he is so far ahead of himself that he’s looking at the other lane of traffic – not at the traffic coming immediately towards him.

Again I can’t decide between the original colour photograph or a black and white treatment. Opinions most welcome.

6 thoughts on “Life in the fast lane – Black and white or colour?

  1. Think I would go for the monochrome, it’s seems more defined than the colour. I have a fan of B&W recently.

  2. Actually I’d go for the colour shot. The leaning man is a bit lost when the red of the car is lost, also I love the yellow glow of the uplit building. The B& W is good, I’m very familiar with the medium having trained in it years ago, and I do still love it. For urban shots B&W can add drama and intensity but colour is sometimes better!

  3. Haha, I don’t think other people’s opinions will help much, since they will differ so wildly. I think the answer is it depends on what you want to convey. The B&W is dark and a little dangerous and edgy, the color is bright and warm and inviting. Often for me it comes down to the mood I’m in when i process, but also the image itself matters. Sorry, that’s not much help, but I guess for a Christmas card I’d have to go with the color.

    1. Thanks Michael. People’s opinions do differ a lot but what is interesting is why they choose black and white or colour. It’s an interesting exercise to ask people what they think. I’m not planning to use this for a Christmas card. I’ve been out trying to get Christmassy photos and ended up with street shots. So I’m posting my street shots and I may give up on the Christmassy photos for this year!

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