Life Imitating Art – Tourist Photos

This is a common site in the more touristy spots in London – people taking photos of each other with a famous building/structure in the background. In this case, outside City Hall on the south bank of the river, either the Tower of London or Tower Bridge will be in the background of these people’s photos. But I decided to take photos of the people taking photos. Quite often if I’m spotted with my camera round my neck, tourists will ask me to take their photos with their own cameras. I really ought to start charging!

Man taking a photo of a couple on the South Bank in London with the Gherkin in the background

A couple taking their own photo outside City Hall in London

A Sikh man posing for a photo taken by another Sikh man

0 thoughts on “Life Imitating Art – Tourist Photos

  1. Nice little set. I walked along there last week, and wondered how many thousands of photos must be taken every day along the embankment. It is non stop. I was asked by no less than three different touristy couples to take their picture for them. (and I made sure they had excellent photos too LOL).

    London is the greatest (or one of) city in the world. The view accross the Thames is simply iconic. Everyone wants St Pauls and the city behind them.

    Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your blog.

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