Returning to the theme of windows – I don’t always find people in the window when I turn my camera towards domestic windows. But the next best thing has to be a lamp, it’s a very welcoming image – a lamp to light your way home. Of course, the prosaic explanation is that it’s probably a burglary deterrent but I prefer my more romantic interpretation.

The first two images are from the old houses in Spitalfields.

A light above a door and street light in Spitalfields, east London

This shot suggests that there are things going on in the rest of the house – certainly in the basement but perhaps in a kitchen at the back or perhaps upstairs.

Lamps light windows in Covent Garden

I took the third photo in Covent Garden. I like the flowers in the window, the curtains and the contrast between the lamps in the bottom two windows which are switched on and the top right window which isn’t.

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