Is this the life? – Views of Olympics you won’t see elsewhere

I was up at the Olympic viewing gallery in John Lewis in Westfield Stratford on Saturday, which has a view over the Olympic park. I couldn’t get near the window to take any photos, for the number of people there and I didn’t fancy pushing my way through to get a photo through the glass with someone’s reflection in it. But I have taken some photos of the Olympic village recently, from viewpoints that you won’t find in the publicity or tourist material.

This is the main gate to the Olympic site with a derelict building beside it. Will this building still be here come the Olympics? Maybe they’ll just put hoardings round it to hide it. It would be nice to think it could be put to some use instead of sitting there empty. I took this photo from a public street and as I was taking it, a G4S security guard tried to stop me, telling me I couldn’t take photos of the security at the gate. So I post it here.

View of the entrance to the Olympic site with a derelict building


The swimming centre with the DLR from a pub

Roof of the Olympic swimming centre with the DLR going past from the Carpenters Arms pub

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  1. A well written post. I drive through Stratford quite often and know the area quite well. it is a fact that most of Stratford is quite grubby, industrial, ugly, poor and certainly not ‘Olympic brochure material’. I can only hope that the Olympics will improve the area over the years to come, after the actual Olympics. This is supposed to be the legacy of the games… urban renewal and regeneration. The Olympics will have a certain effect on the borough, especially as many new developments of apartments have been built, and road and rail have been improved; but my deep feelings are that the green fields and white architecture of the Olympic park will forever be surrounded by derelict buildings, poor housing estates and grubby industrial areas, countless concrete road and rail bridges and a filthy canal.

    All previous Olympics have never really managed to provide a real local improvement legacy. Let’s hope London can do something positive for the area. We may just have to wait until the world has crawled out of the current financial slump before anything improves.

    1. Thanks Bill – the trouble with the regeneration that is happening – especially the new developments of apartments is that they are not benefitting local people. There isn’t any new affordable housing. And though people will be able to live in the athletes village after the games, they pulled down two blocks of flats to make way for the Olympics!!

      Newham Council has also recently closed the local swimming pool!!!!!

      I think the derelict buildings will be with us for a few years after the Olympics – unless a developer can be found to put up luxury apartments next to the River Lea!!!! And Stratford doesn’t need more luxury apartments – not with a housing waiting list of 29,000.

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