High life – or should that be sky life?

Travelling through London by train and DLR means travelling over the rooftops with great views of London you don’t get on the ground (and certainly not on the Underground!).   I’ve been inspired to try to capture some of them. That can be hard when you are travelling at speed, even with a fast shutter speed, and if you don’t want the reflections from the windows in your photos.

So I set out on foot to walk over bridges and find other vantage points where I can see London from above ground level. A precarious walk on to a bridge near City Airport which didn’t really have a path, so much as a curb, got me the first shot. And then being at street level and crossing to the middle of the City Airport roundabout to a recently installed sculpture, got me the second shot.

Propeller-engined aeroplane passes over Canary Wharf on it's way into City Airport, London

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