Having the time of our life – Tourists taking photos

As I wander around London taking street photos I am never alone. There are always tourists, even on grey November days in the City of London. I’m always amused by the poses that people strike when they are having their photos taken and the contortions that some get themselves into to get that photo of their travelling companions in front of some building or other.

Of course there are always lots of tourists in the summer. I took the photos below in the space of about 20 minutes around Parliament Square in July.

The first – the good old thumbs up. And of course there is someone posing in the red telephone box behind. Thumbs-up man would have had the Elizabeth Tower (otherwise known as Big Ben) in the background.

Tourists taking photos

And the ever popular red telephone box shot which, in these days of mobile phones, seems an anachronism. Still tourists love them.

Tourists taking photos

And if you are going to stand on a traffic island to get that shot of your friend with the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) in the background you are going to have to bend over backwards!

Tourists taking photos

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