Life in the fast lane – Olympic cycling

I haven’t posted recently as I’ve been spending all my online time trying to get tickets for the Paralympics. Despite the Olympics having been over for what seems like an eternity now, enthusiasm for all things ‘lympic’ has not abated in London and tickets for the Paralympics are as hard to find as Boris Johnson’s hairbrush.

As a recent follower of cycling (about 1 year and 2 weeks) I am disappointed that I won’t get to see the Paralympics cycling road races as they are being held in Kent and would involve taking a day or two off work. And who wants to take a day off work to go to Kent?

But at least I have my memories of the Olympic road events – and my photos.

You wait and wait and wait for hours and then all of a sudden, hundreds of cyclists come round the corner with the photographer in the lead!

Olympic men's road race cyclists exit Richmond Park on to Star and Garter Hill
Here they come!

Spotting the British team was not easy. And even with the camera’s shutter on continuous at about 6 frames per second, I still only managed to capture two British cyclists and they are hard to identify in sunglasses and helmets at that speed.Cyclists exit Richmond Park in men's road race, Olympics, London 2012


And before you know it, they’ve all gone past and it’s all over. Only a few hours to wait until they come back again. May as well go and have a picnic.

Crowds leaving Richmond Park after the first pass of the men's cycling road race, Olympics, London 2012

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