Frame Your Train photography competition

I’m a judge on the First Great Western Frame Your Train photography competition. We’re looking for great views taken through the windows of First Great Western trains. So grab your smartphone, snap away and upload to Instagram. Tag your entries #FGWframe yourtrain and with the location too, eg #bristol so that we can see where you took it. All entries will be shown on the First Great Western website and the winning shot each week wins a pair of train tickets between two destinations of their choice on First Great Western’s network.

I’m looking for interesting views, imaginative photography and a sense of place.

I’m sharing some of my photos taken through train windows. I’ve taken quite a few with mixed results. Not only do you have to contend with a moving train and blurred images if you don’t have a fast enough shutter speed (not easy to achieve on a smartphone!) but you also have reflections in windows of the inside of the carriage.

You can either make a virtue of them (as I did above) or you can try to eliminate them altogether.

Buildings and rail lines in evening sun

Though, as you’ll note in the bottom left-hand corner, I didn’t completely manage to do that here. What I like about this photo is the layers of rectangles, the golden evening sun and the dark grey clouds.

You can include the window frame and parts of the carriage in your photo. It’s up to you. Use your imagination and have fun!

Just to note – these weren’t taken on First Great Western trains – so no clues here as to what will make a winner!


5 thoughts on “Frame Your Train photography competition

  1. These were all taken on South West Trains, if I’m not mistaken. The latter looks like on the approach to Waterloo and the former is making me think of Barnes?

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