Empty – and sadly no more

London is changing… and not for the better. I started this blog because I was aware of how much London had changed since I was a child and I wanted to capture the atmosphere and character of the city I love before it disappeared.

I took a walk down Berwick Street today. It was once home to a street market with a dozen fruit and veg stalls, many many fabric shops, record shops, cheap cafes, ironmongers, lighting shops – just everything you could possibly want or need and all from independent small businesses.

The lower part of the street – where the street market is struggling to keep going – is being refurbished with new pavement and road being laid and God knows what else. It’s been going on for what seems like years.

I took the photo above just a few months ago, shortly after or before I took this one. And today I saw that this cafe has closed down, along with almost all the other shops along the same side of the street. A popular fancy dress shop is now almost empty – even though it had queues outside before Hallowe’en last year. There are notices now about redevelopment. I hope (but fear) that Berwick Street doesn’t lose it’s wonderful character.

11 thoughts on “Empty – and sadly no more

  1. Yes it is sad. Good that you are chronicling it. I always meant to try that place (not that this is the main point of course!). Keep up the good work Nicola.

  2. It is heartbreaking how the character of London is being eroded into a bland nothing. But its good to see that others feel like I do. I too remember old Berwick St. And noticed how its changed when I was there for Record Store Day in April.

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