Celebrating the full moon

It’s a super moon on Monday 14th November. I’ll be out with my camera, trying to capture a full moon, low in the sky, over an interesting building or two in London and desperately hoping that it won’t be cloudy.

The last time I went out to photograph the harvest moon in September, the weather was against me when the moon was low and huge in the sky. The only time it did come out from behind the cloud while low in the sky, I had my camera pointed in the opposite direction, taking a shot with a very slow shutter!

But you just have to keep walking in London and you’ll come across something interesting. As I was making my disappointed way home along the South Bank, I came across a full moon party on the Thames foreshore.

Full moon party on the Thames foreshore

Man looking at his phone at a full moon party on the Thames foreshore

Man twirls a long stick with fire at both ends

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