Boy – Apple Market

I love the Victorian look of Covent Garden piazza, especially after dark. I particularly like the Apple Market and the shopping arcades after closing time. The lighting and muted colours are naturally sepia; the flagstones shine, reflecting the light from the Victorian lamps. You can imagine the scene looking very similar 150 years ago.

I’ve taken my camera to Covent Garden piazza every so often for a few years. I’ve succeeded in getting a few daytime shots and even the odd nighttime street shot but the shot that captures the atmosphere after the shoppers have left and only the diners remain has eluded me… until now. I had to stand and wait for this boy to come along and make the shot. Without him running through it, the shot would have been atmospheric but a bit bare. Other people walked through the frame but someone else would get in the way, so that it was just a crowded shot or I lost the symmetry of the market stalls down either side.

Persistence pays off… in the end.

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