Boredom – Alone in London

What do we do when we’re bored? I can’t remember what we did before smartphones but these days if anyone finds themselves at a loose end and on their own, they can take refuge in their phone. It works if you’re waiting for customers in an ice cream kiosk on a rainy day or walking down the street.

It does seem to be a particular problem for ice cream sellers – even if you’re offering coffee and hotdogs as well!

Man in ice cream van looking at his phoneBut then again, if you find yourself eating alone in the evening, you can always take solace in your phone.

Looking through restaurant window at a man who is on is phone

2 thoughts on “Boredom – Alone in London

  1. Traveling alone is the best time to interact with people. You don’t have the strings of someone else’s agenda, and people don’t feel like they’re “interrupting” when they talk to you. I can’t say enough good things about the experiences I’ve had when out in the public on my own. However, when I first met my wife, we were texting each other a lot. My Verizon phone with slide-out keyboard wasn’t even very smart yet, but it could text easily. It was on that phone that I got a text, “Why aren’t we dating?” That was the beginning of the end for my independent exploration 🙂

    Since then, interactions I’ve had with others on the road are much more fleeting, including in London, which I think I’ve visited three or four times now. Sometimes I’m on my own, and I find the smartphone can similarly act as a “surrogate travel companion”. I don’t want to interrupt someone on their smartphone. I guess we’ll never chat! Have fun with your smartphone. But I make a point, during the rarer moments when I’m traveling alone, to limit my smartphone time, because I want to be approachable.

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