Bankside – commuters and brides

Silhouette of man running along Bankside, under the Millennium Bridge in London

One of the things I love most about London is that it’s a city built to travel around on foot. It’s so easy to wiggle through back streets to get from A to B. And walking is often quicker than taking public transport. Of course rollerblading or running your commute is even quicker.

And you can get away from the traffic in the back streets or along the river. This is Bankside. It runs between Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge and is the home of the Tate Modern (the former Bankside Power Station), Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Borough Market (though I don’t think it has an official designation). It’s connected to the City of London by Millennium and Southwark bridges.

It’s a popular commuter route (who wouldn’t want to walk/run/rollerblade along a traffic-free route to work?) and a place for a little r n r.

Young men on Boris Bikes on Bankside, London

Or just have your wedding photos taken on Millennium Bridge (presumably because St Paul’s is in the background).

A Chinese bride and groom pose for photos on Millennium Bridge



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