Alone – even in a crowd

Continuing my theme on how Londoners spend a lot of their time alone – whether it’s on the tube, in a coffee shop or cafe or on the street. We might be on the way to work or somewhere else, taking a break, waiting for someone, or just spending time on our own. Even when we are in close proximity to other people, we can be alone.

Three people on their own in a coffee shop, Pret a Manger, in Covent Garden

Queue for Hallowe'en costumes outside a shop on Berwick Street, Soho

10 thoughts on “Alone – even in a crowd

    1. That’s true. Though if you don’t get on with your neighbours, a small community can be difficult. There’s less gossip about people’s personal lives in a city than in a village.

    1. Thanks Gerry. I took that one on October 30th in Berwick St, Soho. They were queuing to get into a fancy dress shop to get costumes go Halloween. It was one out, one in because the shop was so popular!

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