Alife and kicking – Shop till you drop

More photos from Stratford – home of the Olympic village and home of the determined shopper and the people who wait for them to come out of the shopping centre.

I took this photo on the Saturday before Mother’s Day in Stratford Shopping Centre (the one that was there before Westfield) and this woman caught my eye through the crowds. She was very determinedly making her way through the melee with her two bouquets of flowers held up. I liked the expression on her face.

This next photo was taken outside Westfield shopping centre – apparently the largest shopping centre in Europe. I don’t know about that but it’s definitely the most crowded. I don’t know who all these people are who’ve got the money to shop but then maybe they aren’t, maybe it’s just somewhere to meet your friends on a Saturday afternoon. Last Saturday there were a lot of people just sitting on the steps up to Westfield enjoying the sunshine.

People sitting on the steps up to Westfield Stratford on a sunny day

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