Ahh… This is the life – Just chillin’

I have been working very long hours recently and so I haven’t posted and I haven’t got out with my camera as much as I wanted to. But I have been going through my photos to add them to Alamy after I discovered that I had actually made some money when I wasn’t looking.

And I found a couple of photos that I wasn’t sure about at the time that I took them, but I think they are worth sharing.

The top one was taken in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park, last May. It is one of my favourite gardens in London and is at it’s best in May when all the rhododendrons and azaleas are out. I like the way they have stopped for a rest and both men are looking in different directions.

The one below has a completely different quality. I took it in Soho in the winter. I like the quality of the light and the fact that two of the drivers (I assume they are drivers) are illuminated and the rest are in semi-darkness. I also like the variety of activity.

Cab drivers outside a minicab office in Soho, London, at night
Mini cab office, Soho

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