Ahh… this is the life – Enjoying the sunshine

We don’t often get heatwaves. I think the last one was in 1976! In London we are used to snatching a bit of sunshine when we get it.

I took the photo above at the Hampton Court Flower Show on Friday. This man was doing some sort of yoga or pilates, putting his hands by his sides and then lifting them up above his head repeatedly. He has his spoils from the show – his plant purchases – by his side.

In honour of the heatwave, I thought I would post some photos I have taken in the past of Londoners enjoying the good weather.

A man enjoys the sunshine at Marble Arch

An elderly man with a walking stick sitting on a bench in the sunshine at Marble Arch London

In Hyde Park

A woman runner stretches at a bench facing the sunshine while a couple sit on the bench in the shade

2 thoughts on “Ahh… this is the life – Enjoying the sunshine

  1. Well, it certainly looks a lot cooler where you are! Sweet life there, sweat life here 🙂

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