Ahh… this is the life – Easy like Sunday morning

It’s almost the weekend! There is nothing quite like a sunny Sunday morning in autumn. Except perhaps a sunny Sunday morning in summer… or spring. But in autumn the colours on sunny mornings combined with mist and the sun filtering through the trees are so beautiful. I am very lucky to live near woodland.

There are pockets of woodland dotted around London. And they are a favourite place for a Sunday morning stroll, jog, cycle, dog walk, play (if you’re a child and even if you’re not!).

Last Sunday was no exception. So here are people enjoying Sheen Woods in south west London on a sunny Sunday autumn morning.

(The top photo is available as a limited edition print on my website.)

A man and a boy jogging through woods on a sunny autumn morning

A cyclist and a walker in autumn woods on a sunny morning, as sunlight streams through the trees

A dog runs through woods in autumn sunshine

A woman and girl strolling and a man jogging in bright sunshine in autumn woods

9 thoughts on “Ahh… this is the life – Easy like Sunday morning

  1. Great shots, love the colours. My first autumn in the UK blew me away, the change in the light and colour was so striking. In Brisbane there is no real autumn and as much as I used to hate the descent into the cold British winter, I do miss the gorgeousness of autumn.

    1. I used to dislike autumn as a child because it meant that winter was coming and it was full of foggy days. But now I appreciate those sunny days in autumn. There is nothing like a walk in the woods in autumn sunshine.

  2. what a great picture! I would really like to use it (with photo credit of course) for my new website. Its not yet live and I just posted this photograph to my website 5 minutes ago so you can see what I want to use it for. is this OK? Can you please let me know if this is OK. Thank you and kind regards from rainy Holland. Barbara Piper

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