A very British EU march

A demonstration through London on Saturday by voters who want the UK to stay in the EU might have had a pro-Europe raison d’être but it had a decidedly British flavour. Anger was expressed through humour on placards and banners. 

Reading the banners was like guessing the song lyric. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give EU (You) Up” was the runaway favourite. Sing along to the next few images to name that tune!

Boy holds up placard with words 'Don't leave me this way' written on it

Placards with the words 'I will always love EU'


Bob Geldof speaking at pro-EU rally in Parliament Square

Then there was a play on words with the title of a classic British farce…

No Brex please we're BritishThe classic understatement…

Man in top hat holds piece of paper saying 'WTF'


Man holding placard saying 'Down with this sort of thing'

And the rude but very funny…

Farage, Boris dickhead placard

2 men sitting on the kerb with a placard saying 'Guck Fove'

It was a day out for families, so of course, and many of those had been busy making their own placards.

Children with anti-Brexit plackards

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