A quiet Monday night in Notting Hill

It was a quiet Monday night in Notting Hill. There really weren’t a lot of people about, despite the weather being nice. This shopkeeper of a corner shop had nodded off.

And this cook in a coffee shop that was open late, looked so bored.

A bored cook in a coffee shop open late in Notting Hill

He brightened up when he saw me! (Which isn’t always the reaction I get.)

The cook notices me and looks a little less bored

6 thoughts on “A quiet Monday night in Notting Hill

  1. Those reactions are really something. I make it a point of giving what I get. If someone sees me shooting in their general vicinity or directly at them and act indifferently, then I to act indifferently. If they’re pleasant, I’m pleasant. If they’re beligerent, and assuming the worse then I let them have it.

    Whatever their conduct, I try to mirror it in real time, just as I try to use street photography as a mirror to society.

    I had a negative reaction just this past week. The guy wasn’t in my frame but he assumed that he was and immediately began accused me and posturing as such. I mimiced his behaviour and he piped down. He got the message. In the end, we both went our separate ways a little wiser, I hope.

    1. That made me think. The only times I have had angry reactions are from people who haven’t been in my frame. Either they thought they were or they were just walking past.
      I did have a mother demand I delete a shot from the hip that had her child in it.
      I had another woman get angry with me and demand to see the shots. I showed her and she wasn’t in any if them. Later on I passed her in the street taking photos!
      And I was pushed recently by a group of young men who were walking past me. I think they thought they were funny. They got annoyed when I told them to f*** off! But they kept their distance.
      The ones that really get my back up are the security guards who try to tell me that I can’t take photos because it’s a security risk. That’s when I get belligerent. I know my rights!

  2. There is something about scenes from cafes, food shops, and the people who work there that I find really interesting. I like the way his expression goes from a ‘4/10’ to a ‘6/10’ smile 🙂 When you do get a positive eye contact with a subject, it does have a real impact on the resulting image.

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