More life on the road

I’m still new to blogging and trying to work out how to add text as well as photos. I thought I had yesterday but it didn’t appear. So let’s try again. And it’s a chance for me to share some more photos of the gypsy horse fair in Battersea on Sunday.

I came across this horse fair on Sunday, outside Flanagan’s pub opposite Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home on Battersea Park Road. Travellers and horse dealers from across the country meet here a couple of times a year to show and, for some, hopefully sell their horses. One man, who was selling DVDs of other horse fairs in Britain and Ireland, had come all the way from Morecombe.

Most of the horses pictured are Gypsy Cobbs.

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  1. Interesting looking scene. I have never heard of this horse traders meeting before. It’s amazing what I learn from reading other bloggers’ blogs. I like reading a little text along with images… It adds a whole dimension to the post.

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