People and performers – Covent Garden in black and white

Wandering around Covent Garden on a spring day, there was something about this couple that caught my eye. The sun was helpfully highlighting them. But it was the way they were interacting: the woman seemed self-assured, the man a little agitated.

Two men shield their eyes from the sun while another man takes a photo

I was following Japanese tourists around – I had spotted a group of three and I wanted to get that classic composition of three people doing the same thing but completely unaware of each other.

Then I spotted these two men standing behind one another in the same pose and moved around to get the right angle and the man on the left put his camera up to his eye. I pressed the shutter. And as luck would have it, nobody walked in front of me at that moment. That is a hazard of shooting in busy places – you get the perfect shot and someone walks in front at the wrong moment and partially or completely obscures it. When they’ve gone, the moment has passed and the perfect shot is no more.

There are a lot of performers in Covent Garden which can be lucrative for some while others get ignored as the crowds gather round someone else. These Storm Troopers were mocking the cheering crowd that had gathered around another performer. I don’t know what their act was – they seemed to be waiting for people to gather or to come up to have their photos taken with them.

Two men dressed as Star Wars Storm Troopers in Covent Garden, London

I particularly like the footwear – the white shoes just about blend in but the trainers don’t really finish off the outfit! I can’t think what Storm Troopers actually wear on their feet. I can’t remember seeing their feet in a Star Wars film.

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    1. Wow! Thanks – that is such a compliment. I love Tony Ray-Jones and went to see the exhibition. I hope I’m not doing a pastiche of him though.

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