Life’s a bitch – On London Bridge in the rain

Woman with red umbrella standing out against beige and grey stone and sky

After my mammoth photo walk around Royal Victoria Dock in beautiful sunshine, I was feeling less than inspired by the rain. I have always wanted to photograph commuters on London Bridge because it gets very crowded… but not in August. I shall try again when everyone goes back to work after the summer holidays.

But I did get a few half decent shots.

I liked this woman with her red umbrella and bag standing out against the beige and grey especially as everything else she was wearing was the same tone as the stone and the sky. And I photographed a couple of people begging on London Bridge. As you can see – not everyone walks past.

Woman giving to another woman begging in the rain on London Bridge

6 thoughts on “Life’s a bitch – On London Bridge in the rain

    1. Hey – me again.

      I just had a thought – if you do not have a ‘title’ for the first image (lke you say – its the umbrella) may a suggest…

      ‘Tweeting in the rain’

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