Exhibition – London Life

Woman on a reception desk looks out through a glass door at the photographer

I’ve got this photo into the London Life exhibition with the L A Noble Gallery from 7th to 29th August 2014. Really thrilled to be part of a group exhibition with a great photography gallery.

Come and see it at:

Art Bermondsey

183-185 Bermondsey Street



It’s a limited edition of 10 and there are 9 left to buy. You can buy it at the exhibition or via my website



On the buses

Young woman reads a book on a bus

Another take on my ‘London Through a Window’ project. Taking photos thorough bus windows into the buses is surprisingly difficult. During the day, the interiors can be very dark compared to the light outside and so getting an image that doesn’t just look a bit murky is a challenge, and at night the bus windows reflect the lights from outside.

Young woman looking out of a window on a bus

I picked Oxford Street to take these – mainly because it is full of buses and they have to drive very slowly or stop for quite a while so there are a lot of opportunities for photos. The downside is that there are lots of brightly lit shop windows which reflect in the bus windows and obscure the faces of passengers.

Two young women on the upper deck of a bus

But I got three decent shots of interesting people – mostly younger women. In this one, I like the way the light shows up the smudges on the window from where people have leaned on them.

Summer nights – Older people in London

An elderly man watches the dancers at Piccadilly CircusA few weeks ago, after going to Bob Mazzer’s talk about his photographs of the tube (go and see the exhibition before it closes on Sunday) at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly, I wandered into Piccadilly Circus.

There were a group of dancers entertaining the crowd. They didn’t seem to be busking but they’d certainly got some interest. I took a few shots, trying to get some of the small children who were imitating them. And then I noticed an elderly man who was watching them. He started to walk away at one point and then came back to his post at the lamp post to continue watching them.


An elderly man watches dancers at Piccadilly CircusHe was so interesting in comparison to all the tourists milling around.

In years of photographing around the West End and Soho, I’ve noticed that I don’t see that many elderly people. It’s a shame – these parts of London belong to everyone just as much as the more residential areas. (I do see lots of elderly people around Covent Garden and Holborn close by because these are also residential areas.) I think Soho and the West End are the poorer for not attracting older people.

As someone who was brought up by my grandparents for a while, I really appreciate what older people have to give to our communities. I would hate to see London become a city that is empty of older generations.

But maybe that won’t happen: on the same evening, I saw this lady outside Ronnie Scott’s.

An elderly woman smokes a cigarette outside Ronnie Scott's in Soho, London

Summer nights – Naked

A naked man in a window

With the warm summer nights, people have been leaving their windows open to let in some cool air. I’ve seen some interesting sights on the way home! If you’re on a bus, you just flash past. When I spotted this scene, I was driving and I had my camera with me. So I turned around and parked up, hoping that they hadn’t closed the curtains in the meantime.

There was another man sitting on the other side of the table, who is obscured by the wall. I took a couple of shots from an angle to get them both in but I preferred this one.

I like the context the other windows give the naked man. And I like the clothes hanging up to dry in the window above.

A quiet Monday night in Notting Hill

Shop keeper asleep at a corner shop in Notting Hill

It was a quiet Monday night in Notting Hill. There really weren’t a lot of people about, despite the weather being nice. This shopkeeper of a corner shop had nodded off.

And this cook in a coffee shop that was open late, looked so bored.

A bored cook in a coffee shop open late in Notting Hill

He brightened up when he saw me! (Which isn’t always the reaction I get.)

The cook notices me and looks a little less bored

Old-style cinemas, Notting Hill

Man on a ladder, changing the film showing times outside The Gate Cinema, Notting Hill

I went out with my camera at night in Notting Hill for the first time this week. It’s an area of London I know well but have never really photographed. I often come out to the cinema here, because the cinemas are historic, cheap or just a bit different from the run of the mill. And this shot proves that.

In this age of digital displays, I don’t know how many cinemas still have members of staff perching precariously on ladders to change the screening times but I doubt there are very many. I really hope that Picturehouse – the chain which owns The Gate Cinema here – doesn’t go all modern and digital on us and change the front of this building. It would be a shame to lose scenes like this.


West End windows – Injecting a little realism

A hoover in a room set in a furniture shop window

I came across this scene while out on a wander around Bloomsbury and the West End. I like to think that furniture shops are now injecting a little realism into their displays. I want to believe that the next step is a pile of papers on the settee and half-drunk cups of tea on the coffee tables with maybe a few ring marks from the cups and maybe a telly on full blast.

I know this is the cleaner’s hoover. But I did wait around for a while and didn’t seen any sign of a cleaner. So I’ll stick with my imaginary scenario.


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